Camila Giorgi (@1.61) vs Margarita Gasparyan (@2.35)

Our Prediction:

Camila Giorgi will win
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Camila Giorgi – Margarita Gasparyan Match Prediction | 18-08-2019

Having to keep the point alive on the defense in 80-90% of the rallies can be tiring on the body and tiring mentally, and the persistent offensive tennis that she produces actually prevents her from doing as much of the running as her opponent. Gasparyan really found that out in the 3rd set as she started to fade gradually in the final stages, and a double fault on break point down for 4-2 was the final nail in the coffin, as Giorgi marched towards victory and is now two wins away from securing a Linz title indoors. People often categorize the Italian as that player that has one way of playing and that is where it ends, but it also gets underestimated just how physical the match can become against Giorgi.

Camila Giorgi is at number 51 and Margarita Gasparyan is at number 59. Though ranking do not always reflect the nature that a game will take, it good to look at it and observe where the tree bends towards. she is going to face off against a player she should be able to beat fairly unquestionably. One of my favorite WTA players takes to the court and Camila Giorgi is favourite in this match. Taking a look at the ELO standings, Camila Giorgi is ranked in position 41 with points 1830.7, whereas Margarita Gasparyan is ranked in position 39 with points 1834.2 which roughly translates to win probality of 50.5%. The recent round of matches will play some slight significance into the happenings of this game but eventually Camila Giorgi will take it. If Camila Giorgi gets into this game with her best foot forward, there is no doubting that she will be winning effortlessly.

In the first set and for the first half of the second set, Giorgi was striking the ball with conviction, playing the ball with confidence and she was dictating the course of each of the rallies. It was an encounter where we really saw two sides to the game of the Italian. A break in the eighth game of the first set was what she needed to see a bit of daylight in the scoreboard, and she carried that momentum into the second set, winning the first three of four games to go up 3-1.


My dad also helped me during the coaching when he told me to add more spin and slice to my serve. I think this was the key. In the third set I kept telling myself that I could not allow myself any mistake: I had to keep the ball in play no matter what.

The hard-hitting Italian has a tremendous run in New York, losing in the finals to Jessie Pegula. Giorgi seems to go for broke on every shot. Both Toronto and Cincinnati didnt yield good results as Giorgi lost in straight sets in her opening bid. Its an all or nothing style that yields great results when shes on and early exits when shes not. Camila Giorgi starts her campaign against Margarita Gasparyan.

But that was where the match really changed direction and the shots that were originally being fired away for winners and were creating forced errors from Gasparyan, started to turn into unforced errors, particularly off the forehand side. We knew what we would get from Gasparyan, but there were question marks on the shoulders of the powerful Giorgito which she responded big time. The question really was what Giorgi was going to show up for the third set. Gasparyan may not have been deciding the vast majority of the points, but she continued to try to search for the depth to keep Giorgi pinned back, and she competed exceptionally hard to make it more of a contest, and subsequently turned the set around, claiming all of the next five games. Would it be the player that blasted her way to a Wimbledon quarterfinal this year or would it be the player that has been frustratingly up-and-down throughout her tennis career?

Note: bookmakers' policies on voided matches changes so we always recommend players to check the specific terms of bookmakers they bet with to ensure they understand under what circumstances they void bets. a common void bet occurs in tennis when a player retires through injury. This happens when a match is suspended, posponed, or cancelled e.g. Void bets occur when the bet is not decided as a win or loss and the stake is returned to the player.

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Im not sure how much weight Id give the head to head, since Kozlova and Cornet last played in 2015. Identical results which Im sure neither player wanted. Both had a similar result in Cincinnati, losing in qualifiers, and both lost last year in New York in their opening rounds. This should be an opportunity for Cornet to gain some momentum heading into the US Open.

My foot has not recovered perfectly from a little injury and today I struggled to put weight on it on her crafty shots. But in the 3rd set I told myself not to think about it and just play. I am very happy because it was not an easy match and I pulled it out with character.She plays with a lot of variety and it is not easy to deal with it, especially because I am not feeling 100%.

She makes the unforced errors and she decides her fate, and the match had gotten away from her when she was just three games from victory, but she dug deep, searched for answers, and continued to believe in her shots until she got it right. She makes the winners. The backhand in the final set was sensational and it was that shot that really drove her home to victory. The match, as it always is, was on her racquet.

And, the third set took 14 games to decide. It took three sets before Hercog could exit the Belarussian. Aliaksandra Sasnovich and Polona Hercog recently squared off at the French Open. I expect well see a very competitive and tight match. Hercog has turned in some exceptional performances this year, including a title in Lugano.