Nagoya (@1.95) vs Oita (@3.7)

Our Prediction:

Nagoya will win

Nagoya – Oita Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 01:00

We recommend you to check again for updates on the 2018 forecast! Since the best times to visit (full bloom) in Kyoto is expected to be around March 28-29, should you want to visit a city at its expected best it might be adviceable to go there. However these numbers are just estimations and could still vary. Although cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo usually peaks between March 27 and April 6, this year it has started earlier.

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In general, would the flowers still look as great and beautiful 2-3 days after the full bloom? Or would the wind/rain wash them away after that? Hello I have question you mentioned that the full bloom would last around a week. So based from Feb 22nd forecast, Tokyos full bloom begins March 26 and one week would be till April 1st.

In this speech, it is not allowed to add arguments equivalent to new Disadvantages. Moreover, it is not allowed to re-counter-refute against the Affirmative Defense speech which comes directly before this speech. Also, it is not allowed to add new attacks against the Negative Constructive speech. Such new Disadvantages, attacks, or re-counter-refutations should be ignored by the judges as New Arguments.

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Even if the judge thought the debaters arguments are incomprehensible or just ridiculous, dont warn them on the spot and treat the arguments as being so weak (or in some cases ignorable) to be counted in making the round decision. The judges can and are encouraged to give the debaters some advice on such bad arguments after the round.

The Supplementary team rule will not be applied when the total number of teams become an odd number (for some unexpected reason) after the preliminary rounds have started. If in rare occasions, when the total number of teams including the Supplementary team changed to an odd number, the Supplementary team will continue participating until the end of the preliminary rounds and no additional teams will participate.

Winner of the round should be decided by comparing the outcome of the ISSUES of both teams. In short, if you are convinced that supporting the proposition gives more Advantages (ADs) than Disadvantages (DAs), you vote for the Affirmative side (AFF). If you are convinced otherwise that the DAs outweigh the ADs, then you vote for the Negative side (NEG). NO TIES; pick a winner even if you think its not possible! In such case, it is presumed that the proposition is not true, so vote for the NEG.) Each judge should decide the winner independently without consulting the other judges. (In extreme rare cases, neither AFF/NEG issues were convincing enough to vote for.

On the contrary, if you feel sure the Disadvantages outweigh Advantages then you would vote for the Negative team. In concrete, if you are more convinced by the debaters arguments that the policy that adopts the debate topic will give more Advantages than the Disadvantages, then you would vote for the Affirmative team. Judges are expected to make a decision, judging rationally if the topic is affirmed or not, by fairly and objectively comparing the contents argued within the round, especially comparing the substantial arguments.

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Notice: The So Called Security Legislation Bill and This Debate Topic

In that case, a judge should compare the ADs and the DAs rationally, using ones own value judgments. If the ADs outweigh the DAs then AFF wins, else the NEG wins. (For example, AFF insisted that each child should have enough math ability but NEG argued that childrens individuality should have priority. If a team has explained the value criteria for deciding whether the ADs outweigh the DAs, such debaters criteria should be used to determine the winner. Try to avoid your own point of view coming in. Recollect the latter stage speeches (summary) of the debaters. Which is more important? Such comparison should be done by the debatersthemselves. In some debates, neither team is able to present such value criterion effectively. If the NEG can not present a counter-criterion, a judge should decide in favor of the AFF). 5.Compare the net sum of the issues:Sum up the strength of the ADs and consider if it outweighs the strength of the summed-up DAs. A good AFF summary may present a value criterion insisting that their plan can meet the necessary civil minimum concerning math ability, and the value of such necessary ability outweighs the vague individuality value.

Our tip is for a narrow 2-1 win for Nagoya Grampus when the full-time whistle blows. Should be a good one. For this match, we think that Oita Trinita have the firepower to score against this Nagoya Grampus side, although it probably shouldnt be as many as theyll concede. Scroll down for all of our predictions, poll and stats for the Nagoya Grampus v Oita Trinita game (inc. the best betting odds).